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Post by Captain on Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:14 am


Four years ago, Havazeti took control of Sizael Kingdom by force and deceit. Those before her, the Elite Sorcerers, were killed by her followers. Of the thirty-two, two of the sorcerers and a scholar escaped. Not the best leader, Havazeti is despised by many of Sizael.

Not long after, the assassins were employed by an unknown employer to eradicate the pirates. They located and attacked Pirates' Pokey Harbour and the pirates. Having destroyed almost all the pirates' ships and having killed many pirates, the sea-lovers sought revenge. When the legal channels were denied to them, they went on an information spree, selling information about any and all assassins to the highest bidder - Queen Havazeti. This caused a retaliation from the assassins and the knights were pulled in. The assassins signed a treaty of truce with the pirates arranged by the knights.

Recently, an assassin, pirate and knight have discovered that the employer who wished the death of Sizaeling pirates was Queen Havazeti. They now intend to get Havazeti off the throne. At the same time, a surviving Elite Sorcerer returned to Sizael Kingdom with the scholar that also survived. Though they also seek to overthrow Havazeti and create a new Elite Sorcerer coalition, the scholar has been kidnapped, causing a rescue party to be employed. The same day, the Elite Sorcerer discovered an unusual object that was previously in Havazeti's possession.

Our story evolves with our characters' actions. Will you change our future?


  • Storyline develops with characters' actions
  • 3 character races - Jateri, Human and Anubian
  • 7 character classes - assassins, pirates, knights and sorcerers, druids, rangers & trade merchants
  • 3 sorcerer sub-groups - mages, witches/wizards and warlocks
  • Currency, shop, reputation and bank systems
  • Animal, demon, djinni and mythical creature companions
  • Character & member awards
  • Competitions, special events & academy
  • Active friendly community & friendly, active staff
  • Remains open during updates
  • Welcomes all suggestions & affiliations
  • Lots of custom pre-made avatars available
  • Some adoptables available
  • Celebrated second birthday September 2010!

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